fuckthedream asked: Hey dude, I noticed you did PGL a while ago and was just wondering if i could get some less formal help tbh.. Hit me up if youre willing to give me a hand? Thanks :)

Yeah definitely :) what help do you need? I did 2 seasons and was offered a third as a senior but ended up going nz instead. It was the best job and experience ever though!

Worship the pussy.

Worship the pussy.

Anonymous asked: Hii lovely, so im thinking about moving to brighton far a year of study abroad, could you tell me a little bit of hows life in brighton? xx

Oh sweet where are you moving from? Life in Brighton for me is amazing, but it depends on your personality and interests. It’s a really diverse and accepting place. I found the people here really warm and welcoming, everyone who lives here is passionate about it. There’s a lot of youth culture, there’s a lot of people in their 20’s and 30’s. Buzzing with art and music. It’s a very green place, a lot of people are environmentally conscious. There’s lots of organic food places and that sort of thing. In the summer the parks are full of people skating, doing circus skills and hula hooping. Not to mention bbq’s on the beach. It’s basically a playground for adults where anything goes! I can’t tell you much about the uni’s cause I went Salford uni.